My Personal [Apartment] Audiovisual & Control Systems: …an ongoing passion project

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·         Centralized Audiovisual Switching/Scaling Infrastructure for multi-zone content distribution

o   supports A/V source distribution to any/all of (5) audio zones & (4) video zones throughout the apartment!!!

·         AMX automated control via graphical user interfaces on AMX touch panels. 

o   System control interfaces can also be accessed from computers and smart phones on my wifi network (via VNC client connection to AMX touch panel servers).

·         NEW AMX/Crestron Control System Hybridization through my recent integration of a Crestron PRO2 Control Processor. 

o   The PRO2 executes advanced control operations on connected RS-232 & IR devices (via internal SIMPL logic program) to yield functionality requested by the centralized AMX NI-4100 Master Processor. 

o   This AMX/Crestron inter-processor communication protocol is a simple custom-defined ASCII string command structure exchanged between the two programs via TCP/IP port-23 (telnet) network connection.

o   My motivation for creating this hybrid control system is purely educational (to sharpen my skills in BOTH Netlinx & SIMPL programming)

·         BIAMP AudiaFLEX Audio DSP Processing

·         EXTRON High-Definition Video Switching/Scaling

·         Kramer High-Definition Video Scaling (1080i)

·         Standard Definition Video Surviellence (including TANDBERG Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Control), with recording capability on DVD, solid-state flash memory, or PC capture.

·         …and more!!!




New Photos! – March 2016




   My Equipment Rack w/ Expanded Audiovisual Infrastructure & Control System design for greater capability & flexibility:


   Further AMX GUI development:

·         Below, 12” AMX modero touch panel next to my Home Office workstation (more GUI screenshots coming soon!)


·         Below, 7” AMX modero touch panel in front of Kitchen LED display (more GUI screenshots coming soon!)

·         Also note the Biamp Volume-8 for the option of direct AudiaFLEX DSP fader adjustment (bypassing AMX control system). 

o   The first (5) selections are configured for the output faders of the (5) audio zones in my apartment.  

o   The 8th selection is a ganged HOUSE fader for quick attentuation or boost across all (5) audio zones.






Summer 2015 Photos:





·         You may notice what appears to be a Crestron 2-series processor at the top of my rack below.  I was so excited to receive this free Crestron CNMSX-PRO processor from a client and was eager to create the hybrid system I now have.  HOWEVER, long story short, this Crestron CNMSX-PRO processor pre-dates Toolbox and instead requires the antiquated Viewport software just to load the program.  Not to mention it’s extremely limited in SIMPL programming capability.   

·         Upon learning it would not work for my purposes, I scrapped the CNMSX-PRO and spent $225 for a PRO2 on eBay – a great deal and I’m very happy with it!!!







Older Photos: taken during or before 2014





My Equipment Rack:

·         the heart my centralized audio/video system

·         the brain of my integrated AMX control system



DevinsAV_Rack_01     DevinsAV_Rack_03


DevinsAV_Rack_02     DevinsAV_Rack_04



Smart Phone Control: (screen capture from my Windows 8.1 phone; photo on right of iPhone app control)

·         I can access and control touch panels from my phone (or laptop) via VNC client application.

·         On right, a quick volume control page I threw together for my girlfriend’s iPhone while exploring the AMX TPControl app using my developer license.





Living Room:

·         My [old] living room display showing video from the pan/tilt/zoom TANDBERG camera above it, zoomed/focused on the kitchen display which is also showing the camera feed creating the “video inside the video, inside the video… and so on” effect as a demonstration.

NOTE:  Above is my old 32” Samsung LCD which failed in Feb 2014 following an extended brownout caused by a fast moving windstorm that impacted power throughout the northern VA area.  I have since upgraded.



Camera 2:

·         Fixed in living room; always recording my home office and equipment rack (via Swann DVR) for piece of mind.



Kitchen Zone:






Old Photo:

·         One of my wireless touch panels, showing an older version of my user interface, next to one of my favorite posters.










© 2016, Devin R. Ott