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Engineering/Programming Audio Visual & Control Systems

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LAST UPDATED:  March 2016




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Professional Endorsements:

Letter of Support from N’Kai Walton at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD.

·                        Additional client endorsements & professional references available upon request!!!

Photo (Left):
Me, next to the well-organized audiovisual/programming resources & materials I keep in my vehicle for utilization in the field.


As I proudly tell my clients:

“Drop me into a conference room anywhere in the world, with close proximity to my vehicle, and I’ll get the system working [or tell you what is needed to get the job done]!” 





Client Feedback, Site Photos, etc.




2 Presidential Cabinet Secretaries address 40+ Energy Industry CEOs:

I spent all night correcting a critical teleconferencing misconfiguration in their Biamp AudiaFLEX system


Below, a view of the U.S. Capital dome from the 3-way divisible conferencing space at what is probably the most influential Energy Trade Association in the United States.  Their most important event is an annual 2-day conference hosting 40+ industry CEOs.  In February 2014, during day#1 of this critically important event they suffered a teleconferencing disaster where executives on the conference call couldn’t hear guest speakers in the room, becoming very frustrated and ultimately hanging up.  My company’s senior manager called me at 4:30PM to request this emergency visit.  I spent all night correcting the error in the overly-complex Biamp audio processor configuration.  My efforts were a tremendous success, as seen by the client’s remarks at the conclusion of day #2.


CLIENT FEEDBACK: (February 2014)  



“Let me begin by saying DEVIN OTT has unquestioned loyalty to the {CLIENT} account, and used his talents,

intelligence, and humble nature to almost completely rebuild our A/V system.  … being re-directed to come back

to DC after a long day, and then spending all night carefully diagnosing and surgically resolving our problems

unquestionably, the finest effort I’ve ever experienced by a vendor.


Devin always comments ‘it’s a privilege to solve client problems.’  My feeling….it’s a privilege to work with Devin

and witness the intellect, respect and strength he brings to an anxious environment.


Technically, he debriefed as many people as I could throw at him regarding yesterday’s audioconferencing failure. 

He scientifically asked questions about a ‘massive embarrassment’ and demonstrated his superb professionalism

with everyone he met.  When I left at 10pm last night (after finishing a HUGE renovation to our space), I was

confident Devin would find a solution or come up with Plan B and C.


Today’s meeting was very successful.  We hosted the Secretaries of Energy and Transportation and

47 CEO’s of Gas and Electric public utility companies.  the 8 CEO’s who called into the audio conference

system heard perfect and uninterrupted sound for 4 hours.


Thanks for all YOU do for {CLIENT} and me.  Most of all, thanks for Devin Ott.”




Corporate HQ of Largest Mid-Atlantic Health Insurance Provider:

Optimizing teleconferencing mic audio in Biamp AudiaFLEX systems, correcting long-standing misconfigurations


Below, the view (outside Baltimore, MD) as seen from the 17th-floor terrace of the corporate headquarters of the largest health insurance provider in the Mid-Atlantic region.  This terrace is directly outside the CEO’s private conference room, to which I was deployed in a last-minute emergency (January 2015) to inspect & optimize the audio teleconferencing configuration following reports from executive staff that the table mics were not effectively picking up the CEO’s voice during a call. 


CLIENT FEEDBACK: (January 2015)  



“It couldn’t have been said better [As usual, Devin was the epitome of efficiency]. Great job by Devin.


Thanks to everyone who helped get him to us so quickly. I know his time is valuable.”





Meeting Support for Aerospace Industry CEOs

For the past 2+ years, monitoring the Crestron/Biamp system when AIA’s Executive Committee meets


Washington, D.C. as seen from the 17th floor of the Rosslyn (Arlington) office building where for the past 2+ years I have had the ESTEEMED HONOR of supporting the Executive Committee meetings of AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION.  This is a TOP LEVEL meeting of over one dozen industry CEOs that convene roughly 8 times throughout the year.  During these events I position myself inside or directly outside the boardroom, connected wirelessly to their audio processor, monitoring and optimizing [in real time] the incoming/outgoing audio quality of the teleconference bridge through which a handful of CEOs remotely participate.






Among the exclusive membership of AIA’s Executive Committee are the Chief Executive Officers of the following industry giants:

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Northrop Grumman

The Boeing Company

General Dynamics Corporation

Raytheon Company

General Electric (GE Aviation)

Honeywell Aerospace

BAE Systems, Inc.




Debugging Crestron issues for the CEO of the Largest National Federation of Unions


The White House as seen from the private conference room used of the CEO of the largest federations of unions in the United States.  I took this photo after servicing the Crestron systems in the CEO’s private conference room and a much larger adjacent executive conference room on that floor.  Fun Fact: Anyone wishing to step out onto this balcony must be cleared in advance by The Secret Service.





Projector Field Service

Virginia Public School Board


My meticulously organized disassembly of a large Christie Projector [recording every screw removed; every interconnect unplugged].  The projector lamp fan had failed in the hearing room of a Virginia Public School Board hearing room and normally my company would send it out for repair, but the client needed a rapid resolution (field service to replace the fan).  This led to an 11-hour site visit and a VERY satisfied client.  Their Media Production Services engineer describes my visit:



“Devin had a grueling 11 hours worth of intense engineering and pretty much had the projector stripped to nothing but parts.  After the fan was replaced the projector came on like a champ.  Thanks Devin for hanging in there!! 


You definitely earned my respect that day!!!”









Miscellaneous Photos of Me



Spring 2015, view from the roof of a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate's HQ in Rosslyn, VA 


Early in my career (Summer 2011), programming one of my first AMX systems (August 2011) for the new VTC room at a Fortune 500 company 


Late Night Programming  






Miscellaneous Photos of A/V Systems & Equipment




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Additional Photos of Conferencing/Presentation Spaces




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Lastly, Impressive Sights from Client Locations





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